Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's been a while, AGAIN!

Again I apologize. Two days after my last post, my family as I have know it for just over 36 years fell apart. My brother and I are still dealing with this, almost on a daily basis. My parents are divorcing and the Holidays will not only be very different this year, but hard as well. It's difficult at any age, even when the kids are 33 and 41.

I finished my hearts projects, have gotten much more completed on my Chatelaine, and have also been working some more on the Sistine Chapel as of late.

My DH and two kids went to Disney World and on a Disney Cruise the first of September. Had a blast. We went to the Smoky Mountains last weekend for a few days. The kids and I did some things while Bryon did some day hikes. In a few weeks I am looking forward to going to the KY gtg! WOOHOO! I think it's only 2.5 weeks away now. I will be ready for a retreat then. That week immediately before the retreat is our annual audit.....UGH.

Enough for now. Now you know where I have been and why. Just keep us all in your prayers, especially my Mom. She really needs them.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So it's been a while...

and I am ashamed! But, the good news is, I have been completely through one shelf of my stash! WOOOHOO! I am on the shelf that houses some magazines. That has slowed me down. Reason being, I have gotten so anal about logging this stuff into my excel spreadsheet. My magazines, when logging them in, I have been logging each project that is in the magazine. I figure that if I don't do it now, I will be very sorry later! Especially on my Ornament issues. The name of the project and the designer. QUICK reference and able to search the entire tab of magazines quickly. Also, I am three hearts shy of having 3 of the 5 rows completed on My Hearts already! I LOVE this project! I will get a picture up in the next few days. Right now I must change out the laundry and then get ready for work. Otherwise I can't support this addiction of mine! Toodles!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I am so pitiful............

Yes, I started yet ANOTHER project yesterday! I can not help it! I have been waiting for a while for the fibers to get here so I was BEYOND excited when I got them Saturday. I spent a good while digging through my fabric drawer, really hoping to find a hand-dyed to use. I ended up using a Belfast Antique White. There are just so many colors in this project. The Project it My Hearts by Ute Senkel-Weinberg Sticken & Staunen. I got one heart done yesterday between church services and started another last night before going to bed. 1 1/2 down, 28 1/2 to go....

Friday, June 11, 2010


It's been a week, and I am so glad that Friday is here. It's like a co-worker said yesterday as we were leaving work, we wish our life away! I have been working on my stash organization, in between bringing home my DD from church camp one day and then sending her off the next for Gulf Shores with some friends. She's lucky that she got to go anywhere..... I was ready to kill her with the trick that she pulled, but I digress....

I have my Mirabilia charts cataloged, my Mill Hill, and my Letters from Nora. All of these are complete with a thumbnail picture. Some of the MH ones were so old that they did not have a picture on their website, so I did not spend the time searching for pictures at this point. Maybe one day.... I will eventually get all of this cataloged and it will be WONDERFUL! Thus far I have only found one MH duplicate! Can you believe that?

Friday, June 4, 2010

I am Inspired!

Okay. So I have been needing to organize my stash for a very long time now. Never knew exactly how I wanted/needed to go about it. I knew that I could do it in Excel, especially since I keep my nose in Excel all day, every day at work, so that would be no problem. Then the gal posted PICTURES of just exactly how she entered all her data in Excel! You want to know what is funny? I found myself trying to click on the tabs on the picture..... yes, I just admitted to that. So now I find myself WANTING to dig into my stuff and start organizing. The charts/leaflets etc won't be that big of a deal. I mean, I have a lot, but that won' t be too difficult, just time consuming. What I just thought of is, did she have her fabric, threads, beads and all organized in that file as well??? Hmmmm, now that could take some time... ;o)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Does anyone know where......

...I might find a free cross-stitch alphabet that is similar to the letters in the following pattern?

I have a 'special' project in mind for myself and one other, in following the same type theme as the above pattern, which I have already done. I might just have to borrow from it and the other one that I have of theirs, 'Fabric Floozy'. I had a couple of different 'terms' in mind, but if I have to use these, it will immediately narrow it down to the one choice. ;o) This will be for personal use, and it will be fun!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Added links to pictures

I took pictures of my currect WIPS this morning. In doing so, I was embarrassed that a couple had slipped back to almost a UFO status. Not intentionally, by any means. It's just that these other projects just keep popping their nasty little heads up and screaming "Stitch me, stitch me"! This formerly one project girl has now amassed a basket full of WIPS.....

Anyway, you will find links to my WIPS, finished projects, and a couple of family links that I added this morning!

It's off to work for me for the day! UGH...