Friday, June 11, 2010


It's been a week, and I am so glad that Friday is here. It's like a co-worker said yesterday as we were leaving work, we wish our life away! I have been working on my stash organization, in between bringing home my DD from church camp one day and then sending her off the next for Gulf Shores with some friends. She's lucky that she got to go anywhere..... I was ready to kill her with the trick that she pulled, but I digress....

I have my Mirabilia charts cataloged, my Mill Hill, and my Letters from Nora. All of these are complete with a thumbnail picture. Some of the MH ones were so old that they did not have a picture on their website, so I did not spend the time searching for pictures at this point. Maybe one day.... I will eventually get all of this cataloged and it will be WONDERFUL! Thus far I have only found one MH duplicate! Can you believe that?

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