Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's been a while, AGAIN!

Again I apologize. Two days after my last post, my family as I have know it for just over 36 years fell apart. My brother and I are still dealing with this, almost on a daily basis. My parents are divorcing and the Holidays will not only be very different this year, but hard as well. It's difficult at any age, even when the kids are 33 and 41.

I finished my hearts projects, have gotten much more completed on my Chatelaine, and have also been working some more on the Sistine Chapel as of late.

My DH and two kids went to Disney World and on a Disney Cruise the first of September. Had a blast. We went to the Smoky Mountains last weekend for a few days. The kids and I did some things while Bryon did some day hikes. In a few weeks I am looking forward to going to the KY gtg! WOOHOO! I think it's only 2.5 weeks away now. I will be ready for a retreat then. That week immediately before the retreat is our annual audit.....UGH.

Enough for now. Now you know where I have been and why. Just keep us all in your prayers, especially my Mom. She really needs them.


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